How Buying Nothing Changes Everything


Can a one-time owner for 60+ pairs of shoes go an entire year without buying anything? That’s what I wanted to know.

So, I set out this year with an ambitious experiment to buy nothing. Well, not nothing. Groceries, gas, medication are in. Concert tickets, clothes, makeup are out.


To see if I can break even, none the less attempt to save, and double down on my student loans. I also wanted to reestablish, or rather establish, a healthy relationship with money by living within a state of sufficiency.

I’ve learned that buying nothing requires you to examine everything – your budget, your lifestyle, your diet, your hobbies, your friends, your priorities and yes, especially your values.

Like when you really want to buy an armchair just like what you’ve been wanting for years and turn to Facebook to justify it…

Turns out a healthy relationship with money also requires a healthy relationship with resources, stuff and even people.

Let’s talk about what I’ve learned so far this year and how your life could already be richer than you ever imagined.


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Julie Williams


Julie Williams, MS, APR, is an energetic, award-winning strategic communications consultant with passionate roots in education and journalism, and runs Versatile Creative Consulting – her self-employment that catalyzed all this wild money/life balance experimentation in the first place.

Julie is an active community organizer, involved in many interfaith communities, an avid athlete and happiest when she’s by the sea.