Get on your Red Shoes and Finance the Blues


What if David Bowie taught Personal Finance 101? How would he plot your escape from The Labyrinth of student loan debt? Would we learn to be savers…just for one day? How would Ziggy Stardust Count your Ch-Ch-Change(s)? What retirement allocation should you use to become a Green Genie?


bowie, personal finance, money

Lillian Karabaic


Lillian Karabaic lives in Portland, Oregon where she participates in a variety of niche interests, like creating a community podcasting studio in a 1960’s airstream trailer, leading thousands of costumed bikers in the Bowie Vs Prince mobile dance party for the past 10 years and taking a picture of every single item she purchased in the year 2015. She teaches personal finance to college students and underemployed creative workers, sometimes dressed as Ziggy Stardust.