From 0 to Dancing in 300 Seconds (a.k.a. 5 minutes)


“Want to dance?”

It’s a simple question that strikes fear in the heart of many a man or woman. Whether you’re the asker or the askee, both sides of the equation can experience that stomach dropping feeling of panic when operating out of their comfort zone.

Why is dance so scary? When I ask this question and dig down deep enough, I usually find some embarrassing experience around the dreaded middle and high school dance. Prom anyone? The social pressures, the awkwardness of puberty and the raging hormones combine to form a lasting impression of dread.

But, I suggest to you, that, if you have general mobility and range of motion (no splits, I promise), and a basic understanding of music and rhythm, then you can dance!

When I teach people to dance, my “Dance Recipe” goes something like this:

  • 1 part Athletic Movement
  • 1 part Rhythmic Beat
  • Dash of Personal Styling
  • Mix and repeat

That’s it! And you can learn to do this in 5 minutes or less.

So, I ask you again “Want to dance?”


dance, fear busting, learning, music, movement, courage

Jessica M. Frey


Jessica M. Frey is a life long dancer who’s logged her 10,000 hours twice (once in the traditional dance world and then in the couples dance world). As a project manager, organizer of chaos and problem solver on steroids by day, I like to unwind by turning on the beats, turning off my brain, and getting present on the dance floor. Teaching others to experience the joy I find in movement, thrills me every time I see a student light up and get it. I still remember some of my ‘toughest’ students. The physics professor who finally got the waltz when I explained it as centrifugal force. The social wallflower who braved the floor for the very first time. The soccer player who learned to dance with a partner when I used sports analogies.