What Now?


Way too early on in our lives people start asking us “What do you want to be when you grow up?” At first any answer is acceptable and cute. But at way too young an age it starts becoming more serious. And we are given messages, both covert and overt, about what the “real” jobs are and expected to choose one; with little to no real life data.

Next thing you know you’re in the first decade of your career. A career you spent years, eyes to the prize, preparing for. But the job is nothing like you expected. Or maybe it’s just what you expected, but it’s not fulfilling the way you imagined. Either way you’ve given it a good shot, maybe achieved some success. But you can’t imagine doing it, or something like it, for the next forty, fifty years.

What now?

How we hate this question! How we fear this question! But what if this question gets reframed? What if instead of seeing this question as terrifying it is viewed as an invigorating opportunity to find a better path?


Career, life, exploration

Laurie Ann Silberman

Website http://uofme.co/home/

L. A. Silberman once had her career described as an adventure through the job market. She’s held many roles in many industries. Since 2000 those role have all been related to Information Technology. There she ultimately discovered her passion for User Experience Design; and was known to joke she wanted to apply those same principles to people’s lives. Last year, after close a decade of uncomfortable corporate employment, L. A. decided to take a sabbatical to see if she could employ those standards to her own life and latest WHAT NOW?

Though something else good did come out of those 10 years. Thanks to an excellent corporate group L. A. went from a glossophobic to a sometime speaker, emcee and panel moderator. All things she greatly enjoys.