For the Love of Care-giving


I’ll talk and, perform. I’ll perform, anonymously, a former care-giving client and a very brief scene from working with her.

I’ll use a few props e.g. – a walker

My speaking part will be about beauty in the broken parts.

  • Please let me know if you’d like more detail – happy to provide. This is my first time submitting something to you so not sure how much more information might be needed.

linda resca


I’ve been a professional private caregiver for eleven years. It’s never felt like a job, like work. Some of it is painful and most is incredibly beautiful.

I’ve worked with people who are newly diagnosed with things like cancer, ALS, Parkinsons, Alzheimers and ….. people who are dying.

I’ve learned that no matter how ugly the situation, how broken the person looks – there’s always something worthy; something of value going on deep inside the person.

I’m also a consultant for people with a loved one who needs help e.g. your dad lives alone, you see he needs in home help and he doesn’t want it. How do you talk with him about this? Where do you find the help etc …?

And -- lastly, but NOT least ! I’m a performer and storyteller. Mostly improv and monologues.