Have You Ran Out of F#cks to Give?


Have you ran out of fucks to give?

Are you running on the faintest memory of fumes? Would fumes be an improvement at this point?

All is not lost.

You can get back to giving a fuck. (“Fuck” for this talk, being a unit of caregiving, that’s easier to talk about when it’s just a bit silly).

I want to help you realize you’re not alone. You can get your fucks back by giving a fuck about yourself, and letting others give a fuck about you. You can get through this.

We’ll cover:
-Where did the fucks go?
-Can you give too many or too few fucks?
-What to do when you’ve forgotten how to give a fuck.
-How to give less fucks to things that don’t give back.
-How to save up your fucks.
And so much more.


burnout, self-care, compassion fatigue

Evan Dumas

Website http://www.eedumas.com/

Evan Dumas works in that space between mental health counseling and standup comedy. Trained as a professional counselor at Lewis & Clark, he’s on a mission to cure burnout and compassion fatigue through humor and seriousness. He’s a new type of counselor that’s more comfortable with a large laughing audience than a solemn office full of tears.

An eleven year Portlander, Evan has fit many of the cliche’s: worked/burned-out at Wieden+Kennedy, PCC, PSU, and Multnomah County, as well as ran a successful moustache wax company (Man’s Face Stuff). When he’s not too busy biting off more than he can chew Evan can be found scribbling on his notes and drinking more coffee than is healthy at many shops around town.