Brinn Bockjävel


The straw goat is a traditional symbol of Christmas in Sweden. In 1966, as a tribute to this beloved tradition, the college town of Gävle decided to build a gigantic goat made of straw in their central square. The goat towered over five stories tall, and its inauguration was celebrated with fireworks and attended by tens of thousands of people. Officials in Gävle were hoping to begin a new tradition to draw tourists to the city, and they succeeded spectacularly … when on New Years Eve arsonists set the goat on fire. Come learn about the amazing history behind one of Sweden’s most famous and wonderful yuletide traditions.


sweden, christmas, goats, arson

Greg Dunlap


Greg Dunlap is a software engineer by trade, being intensely involved in the Drupal project. His other passion is pinball, he is currently ranked 370th in the world and travels to competitions regularly. He recently married these two passions by launching Tilt Forums (, a place for pinball enthusiasts to gather and discuss the game in a safe welcoming environment.

From 2011 until 2013 Greg lived in Stockholm, Sweden working for the largest Drupal consulting company in Europe. it was his time in Sweden that inspired this talk.

Greg has previously spoken at Ignite Portland 11 (Are Slot Machines Rigged?) and Ignite Seattle 8 (How To Not Suck At Pinball).