Hidden Heroes: Community Leaders


We’ll discuss the evolution of community organizing, what it means to be a leader of a community group, touch on the topics of appreciating others who work hard to give the community cultural outlets and tips on how to get involved.

Amy Dubin

Affiliation Propeller3D
Website http://www.propeller3d.com/

Amy Dubin, CEO/Co-founder, of Portland, OR, began her career with a degree in film and spent over 5 years with a New York ad agency as an in-house Video Editor. Her sights were set on becoming an entrepreneur, and in 2005, she opened the first Indian tea company in the western hemisphere. Her business expertise is built from this perspective; she has been directing business development programs for media production companies (3D animation, innovative iPhone and iPad apps, and 3D Visualizations) since 2008. She is a public speaker, executive board member of AIGA (2013-2016), runs a 650-member social club for creatives in Portland, and is currently taking ballet.