Engineering Product Launches: Women at the Helm


Are you a businessperson daunted by the task of appealing to the widest possible audience? Have no fear! Involving more women in senior and creative positions is the key to your success. Women bring an understanding of unspoken language, diversity, practicality and another perspective on value. Storytelling to engage female audiences is tricky, but crucially important. We’ll tell the story of how to engage women on the business side of product launches as well as her perspective as a loyal consumer.

Juliana Lukasik

Affiliation @Large Films

In a film career that has spanned over 19 years, Juliana has produced projects that have won Emmy, Addy and Telly Awards. In addition to overseeing the day-to-day management of @Large Films and business development, she is also currently Vice President of the Central Eastside Industrial Council and serves on the board of the Portland Advertising Federation. Juliana’s many accomplishments, one of which is being named Small-to-Medium Entrepreneur of the Year, coupled with her dedication to supporting women in the production industry, has earned @Large Films the distinction of being one of the top woman-owned businesses in Portland. Juliana is a graduate of Oregon State University with a BA in Broadcast Communications.