Sleep is for the Weak


For the past 671 days, I’ve awakened 1-4 times a night, every night. This is the story of how I manage this sleep deprivation and focus my attention and energy, becoming a more organized, more efficient designer than I was 6 months ago, all with the help of information designer Edward Tufte, Real Simple magazine, a renowned sleep researcher from the University of Chicago, and just one cup of coffee per day.

Abi Jones

Affiliation Google

My name is Abi Jones.
I’m trying to make the world a better place.

How? By designing ways for people to interact with Google’s Knowledge Graph, a semantic network of over 570 million objects (& 18 billion related facts) representing the continually growing realm of human knowledge.

When I’m not designing interfaces for the computable portions of human knowledge, I write the webcomic Dear Future and bicycle along the beaches of Santa Cruz, California.