What's a WikiProject?


WikiProject Oregon is one of the healthiest and most productive sub-projects on Wikipedia. We have worked hard to develop consistent and high-quality coverage of Oregon-related topics, and have a number of accomplishments that we hope will be a significant contribution to the state we love.

We recently started a blog, and are exploring ways to get feedback from people who might have frustrations or concerns about Wikipedia, or might be having trouble finding ways to contribute.

Wikipedia has become a very influential resource in a few short years, and we want to help people understand it, and understand how their own contributions can make the encyclopedia better.

Pete Forsyth

Affiliation WikiProject Oregon
Website http://wikiprojectoregon.wordpress.com/

Pete is a compulsive contributor to Wikipedia, and has worked to establish connections between Oregonian Wikipedia editors and other organizations. He thinks everyone should be contributing to Wikipedia, to realize the goal of making the entire sum of human knowledge available to everyone.