A World without Waist in the Convergence of Deep Time and Long Future


Consider technology’s present relationship with the planet. It exists largely as a resource reservoir for it’s use of oil, gas, water and precious metals. Fossil fuel powers our present technological paradigm. Now consider what might be taking place on the back-end. What is the ‘fuel’ that powers our desire for these technologies? The answer to this is more complicated, less tangible and exists in the realm of psychology and metaphysics. That said, it is no less theoretical than the perception that our present technological paradigm is at the pinnacle of human evolutionary trajectory.

So as we mine the earth for fuel to power our technology, likewise does our cultural superstructure mine our consciousness, our spirit, to fuel desire for this technology. Human consciousness undergoes a refining process (not unlike what takes place when crude oil is transformed into petroleum) transmuting our natural needs into desire for artificial things. And as oil refining yields toxic byproducts that contribute to environmental degradation, so does consumerism yield its own toxic byproducts that cause psychological degradation.

Now turn your attention to the waist-land of environmental and psychological pollution our current technological paradigm has wrought upon the planet. It is logical to conclude that whatever is done to the Earth will come back on us. This manifests in the form of psychosomatic illnesses (anxiety, depression, ect) that later lead to physical ones (cancer, heart diseasem ect). We are getting sicker and it’s not due to a lack of technology, but because of it.

We live in world full of psychic debris. The convective air of guilt, sin and blame continues churning within the collective unconscious and our technology is simply a reflection of this fact. We need technologies derived from respect and responsibility.

In the ‘Convergence of Deep Time and Long Future’ we see ancient history providing the cues that are inspiring the technological paradigm of tomorrow. And it has more do with the electromagnetism of Tesla than it does the robotics of DARPA.

We need technologies that create symbiosis between environment and psyche. This stands in opposition to the current parasitic system which most assume is a forgone conclusion. We need a resource exchange where the fuel of the earth and the fuel of human consciousness move in harmony. A technology that produces no byproducts. No waist.

This is not to say we must return to the Stone Age to do it. We need science to get there. But as the countless discoveries in quantum physics now indicate, we need to go beyond the five senses and Newtonian objectivity to get there too. We need to tap into our atrophied right-brain and intuitive centers and merge them with the well-developed logic and analytic ability of our intellectual minds.

This presentation provides snapshots of three groundbreaking technologies based on ancient ideas inspired by this paradigmatic shift in human consciousness. Included also is information showing how and why these technologies are being actively suppressed.

Gordana (Jordan) Kokich

Website http://7hirdwav3.com/

Born and raised in Portland, OR. Graduate, Lincoln High School (2004). Graduate Portland State University College of Urban and Public Affairs (2013). Much of my life was spent in and out of the hospital due to a rare congenital illness. (Former) Patient Ambassador, OHSU Doernbecher Children’s Hospital. (Former) Spokesperson, National Kidney Foundation. I am a cancer survivor, kidney transplant recipient and activist for world wide shifts in human consciousness.