What's this in my Mason jar?


Big Ed Barnham, a seasoned veteran of the lightning talk format, will prepare the audience for the chores that await us all as winter approaches from late season pickling and egg nog recipes to securing the right country ham and reducing your tax liability at year’s end. He will also share his thoughts on remaining relatively sober in the eyes of loved ones on the long, dark nights of winter.

Big Ed Barnham

Affiliation Big Ed Barnham’s Bauble Barn ‘n Garden

Big Ed Barnham is the owner of Big Ed Barnham’s Bauble Barn ‘n Garden, eastern Oregon’s premier one-stop shop for plastic reflecting pools, glittering orbs, wrought iron sculptures and other resplendent yard objects. He and his wife, Summer America Barnham, are also home distillers, home picklers, and occasional tax evaders.