Everyone should learn to Creative Code.


3D printers, laser cutters, custom machined fabrication, interactive online media, and immersive interactive environments are all created by people who can blend their artistic talents with the capabilities of our most advanced technologies.

Though this technology is the cutting edge of what is possible, it is not impossible to begin using. There are communities of people who dedicate their entire life’s work to enabling others to use computers and code as compelling avenues for artistic expression.

My talk will teach people how to get from zero to “holy shit” in a creative programming tool, created by MIT alumni, called Processing (http://processing.org). By the end of the 300 second talk you will have been exposed to a tool, and by extension a community of people that will assist you in being creative in ways you have never thought possible.

We need to be a society of digital creators, and not just a society of digital consumers.

Bill McKessy

Affiliation Urban Airship
Website http://creative-co.de/

I am a “veteran” interactive installation artist and computational designer. I started very early in this generation of new media, and shaped the scene as it grew. I was the 2012 Eyeo Festival (http://eyeofestival.com) Artist Fellow.

My work has appeared in museums, high art and underground gallery events, and as the visual effects for 3,000+ person raves. I not only create art, but I participate in the community of people that create the tools that make the art.

My current project is developing a video game for cats :: https://vimeo.com/54731813