What’s In My Hands And Why Should I Care?


When most people think of hand reading they immediately envision crystal balls and mysterious predictions, silver crossing palms, dangly earrings, turbans, lots of fringe, and flim flam.

But guess what? The modern serious study of hands and fingerprints has evolved and is as different from traditional palmistry as modern medicine is from ancient bloodletting.

Turns out our human hands are the complete map of both our individual personality psychology (in the shape & lines) and, for lack of a better term, our soul or transpersonal psychology (in the fingerprints).

Come hop onboard for a whirlwind intro to the complete universe of you that is mapped in your very own Instruction Manual for Life, your hands, AND learn how to translate one piece of it for yourself so you can go off and better drive the vehicle of your life for a smoother more enjoyable life journey!

Ronelle Coburn

Website http://www.lifepurposenow.com/

Perhaps the last thing rationalist me ever expected to be is a hand reader. Yep, you heard right, but I prefer the title of certified hand analyst. My name is Ronelle Coburn and I’ve spent the last 15 full-time years translating the language of our human hands and fingerprints and teaching others to do it too. I’ve written an Amazon bestseller, traveled the world, and was even invited onto NBC’s Today Show to read the host’s hands. But wait! It isn’t what you think! Come to Ignite and find out about one of nature’s best kept secrets, how amazing you and your hands are, and learn something life-changing for yourself too. All in 5 minutes flat.