Sustainability....And Then What?


Once we have re-engineered the way we make and deliver products and services and no longer operate beyond the carrying capacity of the biosphere, then what? Sustainability alone cannot be the destination for global human culture; yet the sciences of sustainability – biomimicry, ecological economics, green chemistry, and so forth certainly should build the roads to get there.

Just as business has been inspired to find market mechanisms to solve complex environmental challenges, I believe business organization can be the pinnacle vehicle creating the conditions for people to have rich and fulfilling lives by connecting people to their purpose and the purpose of the company.

Karri Winn


Karri Winn, MBA, MSci, currently serves as the Chief Visionary Officer for Nia Technique in Portland, Or.

Karri is a conviviologist, sustainability expert, social scientist, purpose technician, Permaculture Designer, phenomenological artist, Black Belt Nia Teacher, creative strategist and a leader on a path of conscious evolution.