How EMDR Completed my Daughters’ Recoveries!”


I am submitting a proposal for an Ignite talk about “How EMDR Completed my Daughters’ Recoveries!” This is a story about two small children who used EMDR therapy to overcome anxiety and abandonment beliefs following one daughter’s hospitalization with leukemia. Childhood success!

EMDR stands for “eye movement desensitization and reprocessing.” This therapy was developed to assist patients with PTSD.

EMDR therapy combines oral therapy to identify and process traumatic memories with a series of repetitive eye motions designed to assist in mental processing. As explained by Dr. Charles Raison on, EMDR “incorporates a number of elements common to a number of cognitive behavioral approaches, but in addition includes a unique practice of having patients hold in mind an image of a traumatic event in their lives while simultaneously tracking the therapist’s finger as it moves back and forth across the patient’s visual field. The combination of the mental activity and the external stimulus is believed to aid in reprocessing traumatic memories in ways that reduce their pain and damage to a person’s life.”

Dayna Cakebread


Hello my name is Dayna Cakebread. I am a successful local hair stylist and former Portland salon owner. I am an entrepreneur, a pioneer, a risk taker, a catalyst for empowerment, and a wife/mother of two amazing children. I love sharing stories and wisdom from the journey of life.