Do Something! (Recognizing Your Ambitions and Making Them Manifest)


It is all too common for most to have an idea they would like to try, but then fall back to idleness because that idea seems too impossible, too unfeasible. I have been there. I was that person. In many ways I still am; and breaking free from that has been a challenge, but one that has been worth every bit of the struggle.

My intention is to talk about how a lazybones, unambitious, “there’s nothing special about me” person like myself went to school for a creative pursuit he had never tried before, started his own storytelling show with no production experience, introduces himself to strangers and records their stories all over the country; and all well past the age that you’re supposed to have decided ‘what you want to do in life.’ It’s never too late, and sometimes that’s all it takes for someone to hear that message and take the first baby steps towards their own ambitions and happiness— and making the world that much better for it.

Eric Scheur

Affiliation The Mystery Box Show

Eric Scheur is a Character Animator, story collector, storyteller, and producer of the sex-positive storytelling series, The Mystery Box Show. He has been living in Portland since 1999 and had been inspired by his friends and colleagues and their ambition to chase after their own goals; that’s why he is ambitious chasing after his.