Migration Patterns of Michiganders to Portlandia: A Study in the Cosmography of SE PDX


Over the past decade, there has been a dramatic rise in the number of people who have migrated from the Midwestern States to the Northwestern States. The last five years, however, have seen a significant proportion of Michiganders settling within a 5-mile radius of Eastside Portland, Oregon. Heck even Detroiter Jack White got his critical acclaim Grammy for getting Kentucky coal miner’s daughter Loretta Lynn to sing the famous duet “Portland, Oregon”. But, why did he write this song, does he live in Portland Oregon, is he Colin Meloy or James Mercer in disguise? (Sorry, for deviating off topic.) Back to the migration of Michiganders to Portlandia question…is it cosmography, synchronicity, or coincidence at play? Could it by design that a secret society is behind the migration patterns of Michiganders to Portlandia? Or, is it that Michiganders simply find the weather SO much better in Portlandia? A unique survey conducted reveals the findings and highlights the unusual patterns and commonalities of Michiganders in Portlandia.

Deniz Conger


Deniz is a Michigan native who moved her family to Portland in 2006 and hasn’t looked back since. She is a nonprofit and fund development professional with a unique background as a radio disc jockey and interviewer of indie bands from the 90s…aka Uncle Tupelo before Jeff Tweedy was well, Wilco. She is a connector, collaborator and Portland-style networker, whatever that means. She has graced the 2012 coveted Top 100 of honorable mentions in Portland’s 40 under 40 last year (they actually spelled her name correctly!!1). She is a half-committed runner, signing up for marathons, sprints, pints, runs, dashes, crawls and famously sleeping in and missing them. She is also a product of the dotcom “has-beens” and “do you remember the site…?” during the y2k frenzy. She has dabbled, explored and talked herself out of lofty goals including occupying a seat in the oval office. Lastly, her upcoming challenge is to conquer the chairlifts (and vertigo) at Mt Hood just to keep up with her kids on the slopes. And in spring 2013, she will attempt to master the hula hoop.