Collagen: the skin we're in


Collagen is the most abundant molecular in the human body, making up almost 25% of our total weight. When healthy, collagen is the genius behind the resilience of your skin and the supple strength of your tendons; defective collagen is the culprit behind such varied maladies as curved bones and a disease that causes skin to fall off in chunks. I’d like to share some of the unique things I’ve learned about this molecule during my research career, like why an orange can fend of scurvy and why that $1000 face cream isn’t doing squat for your wrinkles. Collagen is awesome, grotesque, slimy, profitable, complex and strong all in one amazing molecule!

Jackie Wirz

Affiliation Oregon Health & Science University

Jackie is a Science Information Specialist, which is a fancy way of saying that she is a science, information and data geek. She got her PhD in Biochemistry studying collagen biophysics. Jackie believes in evolution, salted caramel buttercream and Jane Eyre.