The Quantified Toddler: lessons learned from applying modern technology to my 13 month-old daughter.


I was on a run with my wife when she informed me that a toddler could cover the distance of 27 football fields in a single day. I protested, and she countered by saying that she had just read it in a book. I looked down at our 13 month old daughter in the baby jogger, and wondered just how far she could travel in a day if there were no walls or obstacles in her way.

Then it struck me that I could find out.

The next day I borrowed a Fitbit from a friend and set out on a three week experiment to gather data around my daughter’s activity. Along the way, using both the Fitbit and Nike+, I discovered some interesting things about the consumer technology behind the quantified self, what it takes to use your own child as a research subject, and most importantly her patterns of activity over days and weeks. These are my findings.

Austin Ramsland


Austin Ramsland lives multiple lives. He is an entrepreneur, an athlete, and spends his days working with mobile technology. He loves bikes the way you love knitting, and secretly wishes that he was a designer. Austin Ramsland is not a designer. He co-owns Sweetpea Bicycles with his wife, works for Walmart Labs, and serves on the board of the Bicycle Transportation Alliance.