#ip11 will be the inaugural tent revival for the new celebrity religious sensation – Muppetology. Ever since I was a little kid, religion as a “thing that people did” was confusing. I was raised Unitarian, “turned” Presbyterian when I got engaged, and generally avoided the subject.

Then this Chick-fil-a hooraw happened and the Jim Henson Company’s withdrew their toys from Kid-fil-a or Chicken Kids or whatever the meal-with-toy is called. And I realized: I have never doubted the Muppets. When life is filled with uncertainty, there is a life lesson from some Muppet or another that one can draw on. When times were good, there were Muppetisms to guide me as I sought to help others. When times were bad, I could place faith in the Eagle. The darkest corners of the Id are no match for the boundless love of the Animal.

Exploring secular humanism as defined by Muppet Lore in five minutes is no easy task, but fear not; you have a fast talking, fire-hardened speaker ready for another go. By the end of the speech, you will hand me a blank check and I will pronounce you a member of the felt flock of Muppetology. Our army of Muppetologists will march forth and no enemy shall stand before our might.

J-P Voillequé


A two-time Ignite Portland presenter, J-P is a lifelong advocate of silliness.