Crazy responses to stupid school questions


The reason “so what’s next?” is such a difficult question for young people finishing school is because what they really want hasn’t been offered as an option.

When I was 22 I offered a response from my heart and got laughed out the door. In my youth I figured there was something wrong with me, but it turns out I was on to something.

At her recent graduation my sister had to answer those stupid post-school questions like “what are you going to do now?” about a jillion times. Remember that?

It is still annoying. Painful actually watching someone deal with it. 

We can do better than this. We don’t have to ask such stupid questions. I applied a little creativity and came up with a number of good things to talk about.

And my ideas are actually pretty interesting, or at least better than “do you have a job yet?”. I just hope you don’t laugh me out the door.

Morgan Rich


Morgan Rich is a passionate advocate for the successful development of today’s young people. His coaching, speaking, and professional adventures include “real-life” explorations and on-the-fly activities that inspire profound, specific, and personalized insights. He artfully and compassionately helps parents understand their kids while helping the kids imagine their brilliance in the world.

He has all the relevant credentials – Master’s and Bachelor’s degree (from “the right” schools), Professional Certified Coach, 20 years of experience with kids and parents, and has even authored a book – but there is a bunch of stuff more important than all that.

He is a dedicated partner and dad. He is a heart centered person. He is full of integrity, thrives in playfulness, and steps into vulnerability as often as possible. He also has an uncanny ability to connect to and understand our young people.