The future of live-streaming music, concerts and festivals


I want to dissect the past ten years of live concert streaming online, the current state of streaming and where things will hopefully head. I believe the reason why the Coachella festival is able to sell out two weekends and over 150,000 tickets is because of the success of their stream starting two years ago (they were streaming before then but finally got it ‘right’).

fyi… I don’t work for anyone in the fest streaming realm… just been curious about for a long time

Matt Allen

Affiliation ex Ice Cream Man

I have lived an adventurous life. I have walked form Mexico to Canada, rode my bike 6,000 miles cross-country and recently wrapped up a seven-year project where I traveled the country and gave away 400,000 free ice creams. I moved to Portland six months ago to find something new. I have spoke at Ignite Austin in the past, you can view that here