The Best Legal Drug: Nothing


Sensory deprivation has a long and insane history, including ancient rituals, witch hunts, LSD, and governmental mind control.

Research conducted both in the mainstream and on the fringe of the scientific community over the last 50 years shows incredible mental and physical benefits that come with restricted environmental stimulation therapy (or REST for short).

Ashkahn and Graham (or Grashkahmn for short), two float enthusiasts turned float center owners, present our current scientific understand of Nothing, and some wild anecdotes from almost two years spent legally altering people’s consciousness.

Graham Talley & Ashkahn Jahromi

Affiliation Float On

Graham is a serial entrepreneur, who has done everything from consulting to publishing to elaborate custom treasure hunts. He has received a degree in experimental psychology, graduate training in theater, and travelled to Sweden last year to compete in the World Beard and Mustache Competition.

Ashkahn has studied performance and public speaking his entire life. He is an international traveller, a published author, and also has also showed off his facial follicles both locally and internationally.