Pwnd by Gadgets


Our devices are snitches. Gadgets know everything about us and can turn on us providing information to others.Ken will be presenting real-life cases where devices pwnd people leading police to solve crimes that would have otherwise gone unsolved. The cases will show how he has used web cameras to capture photos of suspects, used geolocation technology to track stolen devices, and extracted meta data from images and utilized social media to help police solve crimes.

Ken Westin


Ken Westin is the Founder of the popular GadgetTrak© cross-platform mobile security and data protection software. He is regularly reached out to by the press as a subject matter expert regarding mobile security and data privacy, speaks at conferences and provides training to law enforcement regarding computer security. His endpoint security research and tools are included in the Certified Ethical Hacker training materials and other publications. His technology has been used to solve crimes around the world leading police to uncover large theft rings as well as many other crimes.