How to Take on the Impossible: Leadership Lessons of Hernán Cortés


One would think that modern European technology would have given the Spanish an unbeatable edge over the inhabitants of Mexico. However, fourteen muskets, one cannon and and handful of horses can only do so much when the enemy can field 20,000+ soldiers to your 400. Much like today’s feisty startups, Hernán Cortéz took a small group of dedicated followers and changed the world against truly impossible odds.

In this talk we explore the leadership style that made the impossible possible and apply it to today’s business climate.

Stephen Peters

Affiliation Hot Pepper Studios

Carnegie Mellon for sk001, followed by being one of the first people in the world to have the job title “Webmaster”. Then I started and ran a boutique web development firm for 12 years working for OPB, Rogue Ales, Oregon State Parks and many others before selling it and moving on. These days I’m in charge of project management and new business at Hot Pepper Studios. I’m mildly famous for running the Mondo Croquet World Championships every year here in Portland –