Rebel Mama: How to raise your kids without losing yourself


Why is motherhood so damn hard?

You’d think after thousands of years of reproducing, we’d have learned something about tried and true parenting methods. However, thanks to rapid changes in technology and societal standards, motherhood is not the same as it was 50, 25, or even 10 years ago.

I’ll be exploring the outrageous and contradictory views the status quo holds for mothers – and how each of us can rebel and rise above them. By confronting the myth of Supermom, and distilling several other core fables of the 21st century rooted in outdated cultural stories and Hollywood dramatizations, we’ll toss out the notion of prescriptive parenting and talk about a parenting style that works for you.

Dusti Arab


Dusti Arab is the marketing specialist at Productive Flourishing. When she’s not writing, she’s probably at a coffee shop chatting with people she’s never met or having a dance party with her daughter while belting out Disney songs. Her current project is titled Rebel Mama.