Fracking robots, dude!


Social robotics and cognitive development; how do you teach robots to learn? Robots learn, as would children. Using child cognitive development theory, do you use a Piaget or Vygotsky framework? Robots as solitary or Robots in society? If the latter, can you make a socially intelligent robot? Can you program societal structure for robots like one ‘programs’ children?

Will include:

- funny pictures of robots

- funny pictures of robots doing funny things

- funny pictures of robots dressed in funny ways doing funny things

Sharon Greenfield


After over 10 years of time spent in the tech industry as mostly an Interactive Producer, I went back to school to study Psychology. I am personally interested in how people and technology interact and the ethnographic research that goes into finding said information. I am currently a part of the People and Practices Research group at Intel, and am on the Executive Board of the Computer Human Interaction Forum of Oregon.