CQ: The New IQ


CQ is the newest way to think about how to be smart in today’s world. IQ was very 20th century. EQ was last decade. CQ is what is coming up as the most interesting framework on how work and be successful in a more dynamic, interesting and diverse world—within the US as well as internationally. But, this isn’t just some fluffy multiculturalism 2.0–it comes with a measurement. So, Mensa watch out.

Scott Cocking

Affiliation People to People

Scott Cocking is a northwest resident and world citizen. Perhaps that is in part because he has studied in three countries and lived in 7 states. A former global advertising executive at those agencies with lots of letters, he worked at a NYC non-profit dedicated to multiculturalism for several years before settling back in the northwest. He now sends students internationally to broaden their horizons, providing him the opportunity to present in front of the hardest audience of all—high school students.