Elusive Democracy: A Personal Journey of Continents and Ideas


I worked as a consultant on elections in Africa and the former Soviet Union. The countries were in civil war, on the verge of it, or a place where opposition leaders and journalists were assassinated. I was 2 blocks from a car bomb, entered regions with no government, faced roadblocks by children with AK’s, met with cabinet ministers who were later killed. I survived.

Those experiences were a result of my pioneering work on elections software.

We throw about the word democracy casually. I’ll briefly review my experiences, pull back the covers on elections software and take a dive into my personal theory of neurodemocracy. Then I’ll relate all of those ideas into a strategy Igniters can undertake personally for the advancement of democracy in the Fall election and beyond.

Rob Wilcox


Rob is experienced in and has done things in technology, innovation, entrepreneurship, ethnography, international projects and world changing. Startups to multinationals, small non-profits to international NGO’s. It’s been fun!