Themed Pubcrawls- More Than Just a Theme or a Pub or a Crawl.


I have been running, with my friends, costumed themed pubcrawls in Portland for three years now, and I would like to pass on some advice and encouragement to people who might be interested in running their own. I will describe what it is like to conceive, prep and run a pubcrawl. I will provide a philosophical and aesthetic rationale for gathering a group of strangers, dressed like superheroes, Romans, ninjas, etc, challenging them to ridiculous party games and plying them with alcohol. Finally, I will challenge the audience to look beyond the simple framework I use to create even greater pieces of public performance disguised as silly fun.

Greg Qualey


I decided it would be fun to do themed pub crawls one year, did it for a few years, now I want to convince my fellow Portlanders that the best way to feed the petri dish of odd that is our fine city is for more pieces of this kind of public art to be created.