Why Small Business is the Future of Business


For as often as you hear about how great Nike, Apple, and Starbucks are in typical business publications, it might be hard to believe that 99% of all businesses have less than 20 employees. Small businesses are here to stay, and they offer a surprising answer to many of America’s current social problems.

Rooted in Charlie’s background as a trained ethicist, logistics officer, and a successful business owner, this talk is a fundamental topic for the 21st century and the future of sustainable socioeconomic growth.

Charlie Gilkey

Website http://www.productiveflourishing.com/

Charlie Gilkey is an in-demand trainer, speaker, and business growth advisor who helps small businesses move beyond bootstrapping. Focusing on strategy, planning, execution, and leadership development, Charlie has worked with hundreds of business owner-executives. He has a keen understanding of what makes individuals, organizations, and the marketplace tick, and he is known for sharing those insights in accessible, actionable ways. His work is regularly featured in places like Inc.com, BNET, MSNBC, Project Domino, Under30CEO, Upmarket, Small Business MO, and Carol Roth’s Unsolicited Business Advice Blog. Charlie’s forthcoming book, Beyond Bootstrapping, helps entrepreneurs and small business owners become better executives and build better businesses from the business they’ve already built.