You can become more awesome at roller skating!


Borderline obsession has been a guiding principle of my professional life—I do design and photography because I get more than a little obsessive about color, light, function, and making things smarter, better, and more efficient.

I’ve also spent the majority of my life as an uncoordinated and out-of-shape individual, blindly blundering my way through attempts at athletic things. I simply didn’t believe that I could use that same obsessive mindset to get better at sports. Once I began training in wushu/kung fu in 2003, however, I began learning how to geek out about how the human body works.

In July of 2010, I joined Portland’s roller derby league, the Rose City Rollers, with virtually no prior skating experience. I was, shall we say, not very good at it. I KNOW KUNG FU, and I still couldn’t skate my way out of a paper bag.

However, thanks to my stubborn streak and my growing obsession with alternative sports, I’ve learned about how you, I, or anyone else, can become more awesome at roller skating. Whether it’s simple tips for the beginner, or training tips for seemingly hopeless cases, we’re going to get nerdy about being on eight wheels.

Sarah Giffrow

Affiliation Sarah Giffrow Creative/Rose City Rollers

I’m a graphic designer, web developer, photographer, and unabashed geek. I also play with swords, and collide with ladies on rollerskates on a regular basis.