Developmental Psychology, kids, and technology.


Kids today are becoming the largest users of technology. Technology is second nature to them; it’s how they interact with each other, their family, their schools, and their society. Their lexicon is increasingly impacted by technology, as are their cultural touchpoints. Is technology good for kids from a dev psych standpoint? Why or why not and according to whom? What about from another theoretical framework?

Discussion Points:
- Gamer speak

- Teens meeting in chatrooms and/or ‘web 2.0’ social networking applications to ‘hook up’.

- Dr. Jane M. Healy’s book Failure to Connect: How Computers Affect Our Children’s Minds — and What We Can Do About It. Dr. Healy feels technology negatively impacts children; why she feels so, and why or why not her theory is flawed.

- Technology (computers) as barriers to peer interaction vs Technology (computers) as enhancement tools to peer interaction.

- David Hasselhoff pictures of him in a banana hammock

Sharon Greenfield


After over 10 years of time spent in the tech industry as mostly an Interactive Producer, I went back to school to study Psychology. I am personally interested in how people and technology interact and the ethnographic research that goes into finding said information. I am currently a part of the People and Practices Research group at Intel, and am on the Executive Board of the Computer Human Interaction Forum of Oregon.