Bronyism in Modern Culture: WTF is Up With My Little Pony?


You can sense the confusion and undercurrent of WTF when you hear about “Bronies” – the adult fans of the animated show “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic”. Are they trolls? Do they really like a kids’ show that’s seemingly targeted at six year old girls? Where will the draw the line? Websites? Fanfic? Cosplay and Conventions?

Allow a self-professed Brony to guide you on a tour of one of the most interesting, vital, and, well, NICE online communities he’s ever found. Find out how beautiful art and animation, sharp and clever writing, and a willingness to embrace a completely unexpected fanbase has led the creators of MLP (as we in the herd call it) and the Brony communities to spread Love and Tolerance to everypony on the net and IRL.

Josh Bancroft

Affiliation Lawful Good

That one guy.