Insights from a Screw-Up


Inspired by the hopelessly inadequate feeling I used to get while reading the typical, fluffy self-help fare, I decided that insights shared by an actual screw-up might be more effective (read: entertaining) than those shared by someone who has brilliantly navigated life’s twists and turns. My aversion to condescending “expert” advice has resulted in living life willy-nilly, with reckless abandon. Luckily, I’ve picked up some valuable tidbits along the way and I’m willing to share what I’ve learned with anyone who will listen.

Ever feel like warm fuzzy self-help is being crammed down your throat? Screw that! Let’s blow off some steam and laugh at our screw-ups! Yeah, yeah, sometimes we need to actually “process our issues”, but sometimes all we need is much needed perspective to see life’s comedy. It can be downright therapeutic. So don’t fire your shrink, but for eff’s sake, laugh a little, will ya? Or, if you’ve already got life all figured out, you can just laugh at mine.

Sophie Drisko


With decades of experience in the field, Sophie is an authority on screwing up. A few of her relevant accomplishments include: several soap opera plot-worthy relationships, a 13 year college degree plan, various fashion disasters and financial crises, habitual career hopping, general inappropriate behavior and outright debauchery…her complete list of credentials is simply too long to list! Before her present endeavor as an aspiring writer/speaker/counselor/other, Sophie was a Macy’s counter girl in NYC, a waitress, a receptionist, a waitress, a manicurist (she dropped out of beauty school before she could get to the “hair” part), a waitress, a TV production manager in LA, and a waitress.

In some of her less screwy moments, Sophie finally graduated with that damn degree in Human Development, and even recently received her Masters Degree in Psychology, which has enabled her to embrace and nurture her inner screw-up. She is currently working on state licensure as a counselor and is also an occasional blues singer, a social activist and a lover of all things gluten-free that don’t taste like cardboard.

Sophie’s quest is to let people know they are not alone in this “being human” predicament and that it’s okay to laugh at our mistakes. She continues her studies of screwing up to the present day and doesn’t intend to ever retire from her life’s work.