Lessons in Appreciation for the 21st Century Jedi


What if our realities are constantly being created by our own thoughts and emotions? As quantum physics increases its alignment with metaphysics, the Force is becoming more fact than fiction. During our five minutes, I’ll teach you three practical techniques that you can master to use the Force to create your reality:

• Understand how precreation is constantly working to create reality and how to consciously use it to create positive outcomes tied to a future point in time.

• Learn to navigate the fields of reality probability, finding the best outcomes for you and all parties involved.

• Grasp the power of appreciation and gratitude (and learn the difference) to amp up your reality.

Part mysticism, part science, all pragmatic – these techniques can change your life by enabling you to change your life. It’s all up to you, use the Force.

Marty Nelson

Website http://softwaregreenhouses.com/

Marty Nelson is currently the Head of Architecture at Accelrys, Inc., an ISV offering Enterprise Lab Management solutions that serve a rapidly changing pharmaceutical and scientific R&D industry. He is currently into html5, css, javascript and node.js as well as developing next generation agile development practices.

He is also on the Council for the LightSong School of Shamanic Studies, dedicated to the cultivation of thriving, interlaced communities of well beings through the exploration and practice of shamanism and alternative energy medicine.

His unique mix of interests has given him insights and understandings across technology and spirituality.