Graphic Recording: What it is and why you should care.


Over the past few years, I’ve worked with dozens of diverse groups as a graphic recorder. My job? Listening deeply to what people are saying and drawing conversations on large-scale paper in real time.

This journey as a graphic recorder has been a fascinating one. Over time, I’ve been observing how the simple act of drawing a collective conversation re-shapes inter-personal dynamics, shifts perspectives and increases group energy. Having a permanent visual representation of a discussion prevents precious insight from being lost and galvanizes people towards action. In addition to this, I’ve been paying attention to how graphic recording has affected my own ability to see connections, learn and remember.

In this Ignite talk, I’ll show the audience the power of this visual methodology and how it works. I’ll share my insights from real-life case studies. My aim is to inspire people to see how graphic recording can be taken to the next level and applied to their own work.

Nitya Wakhlu

Affiliation My own business at Nitya Wakhlu Innovations LLC

Nitya Wakhlu is the founder and creative head at Nitya Wakhlu Innovations LLC. She specializes in using visual thinking and creative problem solving to facilitate group learning and change. Nitya is best known for her work as a large-scale graphic recorder. She has worked with corporate, government and non-profit groups across North America, Europe and India. Nitya is also a skilled facilitator and loves working with groups on assignments that involve visioning and creative idea generation.

Nitya has a bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Telecommunication engineering and an MBA in Human Resources from XLRI School of Business, India. She is based out of Portland, OR and is thrilled to be in a city with the (supposedly) highest dog-to-human ratio!