Creating Gift Economy in 5 Easy Steps


Practicing small acts of kindness is one of the most radical, transformative, and healing ways to foster change in yourself and your community. Yet the profound power inherent in these small acts stems from their utter simplicity. Giving and receiving with no strings attached is the cornerstone of positive human relationship, both creating and strengthening connection. For the individual, extending generosity in this way generates an incredible shift in awareness that can change one’s experience of the world, foster deeper relationships, enhance creativity, and even increase emotional and physical well-being. I invite you to explore the most direct route from inspiration to action, and start creating the world that our hearts know is possible right now, one small act of kindness at a time.

Brandt Stickley


Brandt Stickley is Assistant Professor of Classical Chinese Medicine at NCNM in Portland, OR. He is visiting faculty at DRCOM in Gainesville, FL and Pacific Rim College in Victoria, BC. He is Chinese medicine Director at Outside In, serving homeless and disenfranchised youth. He continues advanced study with Dr. Leon Hammer and teaches both Pulse Diagnosis and the Dragon Rises Red Bird Flies model of CM psychology. He practices Chinese Medicine using a Gift Economy model in Portland, OR.