"What's Cookin' Doc?" Seven Anti-Aging Tips for Staying Young & Living Longer


“What’s Cookin’ Doc?” is Dr. Shelby-Lane’s version of the Food Networks “food remedies and foods that heal". But, unfortunately, her show was never produced on the networks. So, in realizing that she doesn’t cook, but she eats—and talks, this presentation will cover her favorite health tips, in five minutes. Her seven anti-aging health tips include scientifically based, health related tips, including the latest trends in health, heart disease, food, nutrition, and stress reduction, for staying young and healthy.

Remember, this doctor loves to talk, laugh and teach. In her presentation, you will hear her rant and rave about the controversy surrounding the chemical bisphenol A (BPA), which is commonly used in much of those plastic food containers; and, the real dangers of cell phones and wireless devices; and earthing. Yeah EARTHING.
She will also give you the 411 on how laughter really works, as one of the best medicines for preventing heart disease.

These are just a few of the take home health tips she’ll discuss, and they are “just what the doctor ordered” for you to live longer and stay younger. And, remember this is the short version. You can always come to Detroit, and become an anti-aging patient and leave with your personal prescription for laughter.

Cynthia Shelby-Lane, MD

Affiliation Elan Anti-Aging & Longevity LLC
Website http://www.shelbylanemd.com/

‘Laughter is Good Medicine’ according to Cynthia Shelby-Lane, MD: Doctor, Author, Speaker, Comedienne & Talk Show Host, who loves to laugh. Do you know a doctor, who stops to save a life, then gets up on stage to make you laugh…. at life…. at yourself …and at herself. She is just being HUMAN.

Well, Shelby-lane, MD is that kind of doctor. Known as ‘the Agelessdoctor’, Shelby-Lane is a graduate of the University of Michigan Medical School. She trained as a surgeon at the University of Texas, in Houston and committed herself to saving lives as an emergency physician, but later realized this was not how she wanted to practice medicine. She’s now on the cutting edge of life saving, anti-aging technologies, and laughter is just one part of this doctor’s practice. Now, as a board certified anti-aging specialist, she keeps people young, from the inside out. As a graduate of the Chicago based Second City Comedy School, she’s saving lives with laughter and alternative medicine.

As a result of her training (comedy, that is), she created her show, “What’s Cookin’ Doc?” to help people get healthy while learning & laughing. In her show, she gives health tips, and sets the record straight about healthcare, medicine and living well. She’s the original “Doctor in the Hood”, from Detroit, and she always tells it like it is. Dr. Shelby-Lane is the “funny” medical version of Judge Judy.

Her practice, Élan Anti-Aging & Longevity, incorporates traditional, alternative and complementary therapies to promote optimal health and youthful aging. Shelby-Lane also expanded her practice to the Internet as ‘THE Internet Doctor’, answering questions for patients worldwide. Seen on national radio and television, discussing issues such as anti-aging, heart disease, weight loss, stress reduction, and cancer, Shelby-Lane speaks nationwide and is also a certified professional health coach. She recently released her book, “Getting Things Done” ….Keys to a Well Balanced Life, co-authored by best-selling author Jack Canfield, and she is doing health teleseminars to help educate the public about staying young with healthy choices.