Why We Need Workplace Nudity


workplace nudity /wurk-pleys noo-di-tee/ n. the art and science of revealing your whole self at work.

We’ve all been taught to hide many parts of ourselves on the job – our feelings; our sexuality; in essence, our humanity — a lesson that perpetually causes problems. When you feel constricted as an employee, limited in your ability to express who you are, you devote significant energy to maintaining a shield between you and your work environment, energy better spent solving task-related problems.

Yet when you feel free to bring all of your self, including the complexities of your gender, race, ethnicity, religion, socio-economic status, sexual orientation, and physical ability, for example, you’re more engaged and productive, and the organization in which you work succeeds alongside you. The prospect of stripping off the cloaks you wear is exciting!

In this action-packed Ignite Portland speech, I’ll tell the story of my personal connection to the subject, cover why we need workplace nudity, and then prompt audience participation(!) in discussing how to engage more of your self in your work.

Haig Chahinian

Website http://www.workplacenudity.com/

Formally trained as a career counselor, I’m a training and development consultant, speaker, and blogger at workplacenudity.com where I explore the complexities of professional development in the context of current events. I’ve been featured on CNN’s “Your $$$$$,” and I host “Career Talk Live,” a TV show broadcast Tuesdays at 6:00pm Eastern Time at www.mnn.org. My clients include JPMorgan Chase, Pepsi Bottling Group and A&E Television. I graduated from Columbia University with a Master of Education in psychological counseling and a Master of Arts in organizational psychology, and studied psychology and French as an undergraduate at the University of Southern California.