Ethnographic Animation: 3D design for Marketing and Education


Learn how animation can be leveraged as a key strategy in communicating human-centered research to decision makers, venture capitalists and customers. Animation has proven to be effective at appealing to diverse consumers because studies have shown that people have a heightened emotional response to animation. Get a comparison breakdown of the advantages of using animation visualization versus video when explaining complex UX data and results, as well as Best Known Methods for the process itself.

Kate Ertmann

Affiliation Animation Dynamics

Kate Ertmann is a businesswoman, seasoned speaker, thought leader and a charitable advocate. A child actor for kid’s television programming and commercials, she renounced her Hollywood hopes in favor of a telecommunications degree from Ohio University. In the course of her career, she produced the independent feature film “Pop”, is one of the founders of the Portland chapter of Women in Animation, and is an active member of many industry organizations. Kate became a partner at ADi in 2000, and in 2008 became sole owner of Animation Dynamics, leading the company to produce innovative animation for a myriad of clients, and a variety of marketing, advertising, educational and training needs. Her favorite food is buttered popcorn.