Everything interesting is the same


Everything interesting is the same. The funniest jokes are the same as the most inspiring people. The greatest brands are just like our favorite storybook heroes, which are the same as our favorite works of art.

They all share a small and very understandable handful of traits our brains have been hardwired to crave since we first stood upright as a species. We’re drawn to these traits because they are essential to our survival.

On the surface, the thing’s we’re interested in seem to change week-to-week, hour-to-hour, person-to-person. And they do. But on a deeper level, the things we’re interested in never change.

Understand what it is about them that never changes and you can create stuff people can’t help to be drawn to.

Brian Hennessy

Affiliation Thread Creative, Inc.
Website http://www.threadcreative.com/

Brian Hennessy is Principal and Creative Director at Thread, a small yet mighty commercial writing studio that helps companies say what they really mean really well.

At Thread, Brian has helped many national and international brands tell their story, including adidas, Adobe, BP, OMSI, Rossignol, SiriusXM, Sesame Street, T-Mobile, Umpqua Bank and many more. His work has been featured in a variety of trade press and awards shows including Fast Company, Print, Communication Arts, notcot.com and the AIGA awards Annual.

Prior to founding Thread Brian was head writer for the adidas global design group in both the US and Europe.