Working for Peanuts and Loving It!


This presentation is about the success of following one’s heart and one’s dreams. When faced with the heartwrenching picture of a pediatric patient, Karen wove a passion for needlecrafting with a desire to help others in need of comfort. Project Linus was founded as a grassroots effort to help children with cancer and quickly spreadlike like wildfire across the nation within months of its inception- expanding the mission to helping any seriously ill and traumatized child. This is an inspiring story that clearly illustrates that one person following their passion can truly make a positive difference in this world!

Karen Loucks Rinedollar

Affiliation Project Linus

KAREN LOUCKS RINEDOLLAR, is the Founder of Project Linus, a nonprofit charity that has provided over 4 million security blankets to seriously ill and traumatized children worldwide. She recently authored Working for Peanuts: The Project Linus Story and has appeared on numerous television and radio shows as well as in the print media.

Oprah introduced Karen with “Simple acts of compassion create miracles in the world all the time. Nobody knows that better than my next guest, Karen Loucks. Take a look at how a stitch of kindness inspired people across the whole country to help warm hearts and heal the spirits of children who are in need.”

Dr. Laura Schlessinger exclaimed, “For the 35+ years I’ve been on the radio, my focus has been on helping families and children. Protecting our children and doing what’s in their best interest has always been the most important issue for me. Clearly, Karen has shared that thinking and has acted upon it in a unique and loving way.”

Karen enjoys sharing her messages of Adding Purpose to Your Passions and Working for Peanuts and Loving It! to inspire others to take the leap to make a positive difference in the world. She has spoken to audiences big and small around the world for over 15 years. She has married over 100 couples in Colorado as an ordained Reverend and in her spare time, Karen satisfies her adrenaline junkie appetite with motorcycling, travel and scuba diving with her husband Gary.