Queen Coal Technology


Every American is responsible for burning 18 pounds of coal a day. EVERY day. For 20,000 years of human history, when people found supplies of hard coal, they usually made ornaments, jewelry, and carvings out of it rather than use it as an energy source. The ancient Romans wore jewelry made of gem grade coal (jet) to honor the Goddess Cybele (and her priestesses were self castrating transsexual eunuchs!). In Victorian times jet was used as mourning jewelry and worn by women in times of grief. In the past 200 years, coal has fueled practically the entire industrial revolution. Today the world still gets more than 40% of it’s electricity from burning coal. Most people have never even touched coal or thought about their carbon footprint. I make beads, jewelry, and talismans out of jet grade coal so that people can have a fossil fuel jewel as a touchstone to think about their energy usage while having a connection with the Earth’s history. I believe we should honor and appreciate the energy and prosperity brought to us by this ancient energy source as we move to new, clean, energy solutions. The Earth is our Queen Mother. We are burning the ancestral bodies of primeval forests and polluting the atmosphere, the Spirit, of the Earth on which we depend. As much as the energy companies would like us to believe, there is no such thing as “Clean Coal Technology”. Queen Coal Technology is about educating people so that they can contemplate the steps they take in their carbon footprints as they extract energy from our Mother.

David V. Horste

Website http://www.dvhdesigns.com/

David V. Horste, an internationally recognized Lapidary Artist, who started cutting stones when he was 10 years old. David has been a full time lapidary artist since 1992 with a specialty in larger, one of a kind, centerpiece and focal beads, along with some unique, free form cabochons. He also has a focus on working in gemstone jet, reviving the Victorian tradition of genuine jet mourning jewelry to help the bereaved and provide grief relief. Jet is a variety of gem grade lignite coal, so he is also passionate about working with these “fossil fuel jewels” to educate people about coal and the implications of it’s use as the world’s primary source of energy.