Change Your Calendar, Change Your World


So many websites, so many great organizations, so little time! Events that engage the mind, the spirit, the soul, that stir shit up, that change your community or your world… fire twirling political debates and dance party protests, science expos and outdoor film festivals – I want to do it all! And I don’t want to spend hours searching the internet to find out where and how to do it. And perhaps more importantly, I don’t want the activists, the change-makers, the policy shakers to waste hours on the internet searching for allies, outreaching, promoting and date-seeking. I want to get shit done. I want my butt off the couch – and yours. And I want to mobilize the masses – be it for social change, or for the world’s biggest bike ride. Come on people, let’s get on the same page! Web page, that is.

Lindsay Caron

Affiliation Activate

Once upon a time, I believed I could save the world through theatre and music. Lost myself to journalism, radio and voice over for awhile. I’ve seen the light, and now know that documentaries and internationally scalable progressive event calendars are the new off-Broadway. Environmental Studies student at PSU, bike-commuting, mountain climbing instigator of a variety of wild projects, huge dreams, and varying levels of success.