Sweet Nothings lead you to everything program is based on the book t
Live as if Everything is a Miracle!
You Can Find Happiness by Embracing the Intersection of the Sweet and the Nothing

“There are two ways to live;
You can live if nothing is a miracle;
You can live as if everything is a miracle”
—Albert Einstein

Feeling challenged by the stresses of today’s world? Looking for guidance in finding your true compass? Wouldn’t it be nice to find a roadmap through the chaos?

Good news—you’re holding it! Self-help author Ana Weber joins with her life partner Mario Haber for her 10th book, Sweet Nothings: a series of reflections and meditations to steer a happy course through modern life, in 14 bite-sized chapters.

Each chapter pairs a “sweet” (something we recognize as a pleasure) with a “nothing” (often, a challenge to our thinking and living patterns), sandwiching them between a wisdom quote and reflective questions. Each chapter takes only a few minutes to read, and to put into practice.

For instance, in Chapter 10, under a quote by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., you’ll learn to balance the “sweet” of common sense with the “nothing” of calmness and peace of mind. Other chapters balance such “sweets” and “nothings” as graciousness with freedom to cultivate, music and time, love and the present, in different formats such as checklist exercises, meditations, and the authors’ own experiences.

In a world full of constant overstimulation, neither withdrawal nor blind immersion is a workable strategy. You need the ability to step back, take a breath, and absorb what’s going on, and then continue from a wiser, informed perspective, is crucial. Weber and Haber can help you find that balance.
—Shel Horowitz, syndicated columnist and award-winning author of eight books

titled Sweet Nothings – Authors Ana Weber and Mario Haber


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Who is Ana Weber?
Ana Weber is a woman who is deeply passionate
about people and people’s happiness.
Her enthusiasm is contagious and Ana’s energy
attracts people of all ages and from all walks of
life. Ana was born in Romania. She speaks fluent
English, Hungarian and Hebrew. Ana completed the
Masters Program in Human Relations and Business.
She has also pursued additional studies in Human
Behavior and Psychology at Oxford College,
Ana worked in the financial world for more than 20
years. She built companies from the ground up and
she is a natural motivator. Her management skills
are powerful and very well regarded.
She is a freelance journalist, a life coach and the
author of 10 books. Ana Weber is featured as one of
the top 101 Industry Experts Insights and Ideas to
Inspire You published by Cambridge Who is Who
special feature by Donald Trump Jr.
Ana appeared on Fox News, Good Day New York, ABC, NBC, CBS, featured in Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Woman’s World, Chicago Sun Time and so much more…

Who is Mario Haber?

Mario was born in Argentina and he speaks fluent English and Spanish. He is passionate about traveling and he traveled around the world extensively searching and finding and learning the specifics of each country and the people living in that country; economic status, social status and simple reality. Mario’s presence captivates people with his witty charm and worldly knowledge. He is an entrepreneur and knows how hard it is to keep and maintain a successful business.
Mario has a Bachelor Degree in Science and Business Administration.