The Devolution Revolution


The Devolution Revolution is a collection of tribal members who believe that the ultimate rebellion is a life filled with meaning, creativity, joy, health and adventure. We believe in our wild side. We reject the systematic persecution of the human spirit. We reject the notion that our highest Dream is consuming more than the previous generation. We reject the Joneses.

We reject captivity.

We embrace freedom. We embrace climbing trees and jumping into cold water. We embrace good food and unused insurance coverage. We embrace real relationships and intentional kindness. We embrace our conscience and our consciousness. We embrace sweat and adrenaline and adventure. We embrace testing our limits and the thrill of “I can’t believe I just did that!”

We embrace all of the awesomeness wrapped in humanity.

We embrace the Devolution Revolution. DevoRevo is a social movement designed to honor our wild side, our good side, our human side. This is a place where people learn how to revive the human spirit. It’s a site where we highlight people, ideas and experiments that take our lives from ordinary to amazing. This is where we slow down, take a deep breath and ask, “What the hell happened?”

Look around. What do you see? Regardless of your actual location, I bet you are surrounded by abnormality. Your computer, your shoes, your smartphone, your car, television, chair, clothes, food, job… Modernity has introduced a world entirely foreign to our biological/psychological ancestry.

And now what? Now we wonder why we feel out of place, why we toss and turn, why we can’t help but feel that something is wrong.

DevoRevo is the the hacksaw, the blowtorch and the fat stick of C4 all rolled in to one. It is the idea, the inspiration and the means to blow up your cage.

Welcome to the wilderness. We are not tame.

Michael Richeson


I spent my childhood running around the forests and mountains of Montana. Became a journalist and photographer when I grew up, then turned into one of those journalists who becomes a marketer because most of the skills are the same but the money is much better. In June 2011 I quit my job so I could ride my bicycle through Montana, Idaho, Washington, Oregon and California. I love climbing trees.