Man's search for man


If we could strengthen the bond between fathers and sons and allow young men to create a powerful, positive identity, can you imagine how much happier and healthier our male population would be?

Our lives are marked by ritual and ceremony. We make special distinction of graduations, marriages, births, deaths, promotions, elections, etc. This is nothing new; societies have commemorated these events for millennia. What’s new is the curious disappearance of the undeniably important tradition of celebrating the transition from boyhood to manhood. For a number of reasons, Western culture has abandoned this ancient ceremony – to the detriment, I believe, of men and society as a whole. Men spend years trying to answer “What does it mean to be a man?” – often in self-destructive ways.

Reviving this lost tradition of the Rite of Passage would be incredibly beneficial to our society.

Michael Richeson


I spent my childhood running around the forests and mountains of Montana. Became a journalist and photographer when I grew up, then turned into one of those journalists who becomes a marketer because most of the skills are the same but the money is much better. In June 2011 I quit my job so I could ride my bicycle through Montana, Idaho, Washington, Oregon and California. I love climbing trees.